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A Parisian touch in its purest form

The four star Dream Hotel Opera -is situated on the legendary rue Le Peletier, in the heart of Paris, just a couple of minutes from the famous Garnier -Opera House, and was inaugurated in the spring of 2018. Behind the discreet façade, the hotel’s 26 rooms have been entirely refreshed to unite an impeccable service with timeless elegance.

While staying in our hotel, you’ll walk in the footsteps of those who have contributed to Parisian history. Relive a lost splendour in this unique area of France’s capital.

Don’t miss strolling around the iconic shopping spots and business centres in this dynamic area in the centre of Paris. Visit the malls, such as Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, where the capital’s most famous fashion brands are found. They are situated on the grand avenues, “Les Grands Boulevards”, mixed with Parisian craftsmen, designers, fashion gurus and artists of all sorts… Dive into the typical French Culture scene, with its numerous and well-known theatres, Opera, cinemas (such as Le Grand Rex), the arts, fashion, gastronomy, gardens and the capital’s squares.

A few steps away, treat yourself to a visit to Opera Garnier, the Louvre Museum, the Arcades and their art galleries, Hotel Drouot and the Comédie Française. You might also want to stroll around on the Seine’s riverbanks or in the Royal Palace’s gardens...

Not forgetting the French cuisine with its numerous restaurants situated in the famous adjacent addresses.

Every inch of our exceptional establishment bears the mark of its Parisian past while being very fashionable and contemporary.

Each room, suite or apartment is unique and has its own style. Each one of our 26 rooms has an individual spa. Dream Hotel Opera - run by the second generation of the same Parisian family – will do its utmost to please you during your stay in the City of Light.

Alone, as a couple, or with the family? A business trip or sightseeing? Don’t hesitate to check out our best offers.

Together we’ll make your stay unique.


The Hotel manager


The Neighbourhood

Welcome to the heart of Paris.

On foot, you can reach the following points of interest: the Opera, Galeries Lafayette, Printemps Stores, the Grand Rex, bars and more.













The Rooms

Experience cocooning in our 19 rooms, 1 suite and 2 apartments, with their  individual spas, king size beds, and comfortable soundproofing.



A Spa in your Room

A heaven of well-being, for a relaxing experience in your private spa. 



Business Clientele

In the area for business? We offer corporate packages from €149. Our establishment will be ideal for your professional travel.


Newspapers and magazines
Annual promotional rates
Ability to cancel room reservation up to the day prior to arrival
Complimentary tea and coffee
Meeting room with video projector
Soundproofed rooms



Enjoy your family life to the fullest with our connecting rooms for 4to 6 people.


Connecting rooms with private bathrooms
Free use of board games
Cot, bottle warmer, high chair, changing mat
Breakfast is free of charge for children under 7
A huge games room across from the hotel: “The head in the Clouds”

Historic Description

Created in 1786, this street carries the name of Louis Le Peletier de Mortefontaine, Marquis of Montmélian and the penultimate Parisian stallholders’ Provost. It was one of the first Parisian streets to get a proper pavement, in 1786.

Just in front of the DREAM HOTEL OPERA, at 12 rue Peletier, a large 1800-seat theatre – La Salle Le Peletier – was constructed, in 1821. The Paris Opera was located there between 1821 and 1873.

The Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie were targeted in front of the Opera, in the Orsini terror attempt, when they arrived in their carriage, on 14th January 1858. The bombs that the Italian independent activist threw on the procession injured 142 people and killed 8. However the imperial couple were unharmed and were able take their place in their box.

The theatre was entirely destroyed in a fire, which lasted almost 24 hours on the night of 29th October 1873. All buildings on rue Le Peletier were ruined.

The destruction of Opera Le Peletier led to the construction of Opera Garnier, inaugurated on 5th January 1875.

By the end of the 19th- and the beginning of the 20th century, the street was well-known in the capital for its carnal meetings involving with prostitutes where “all” pleasures of the Belle Epoque took place.

As our hotel, at 15 rue le Peletier, was the only one on that street, several literary and historic writings have quoted this address and have shown that it was deemed an essential place for festive meetings, over a century ago.

From 1852 to this day, the Drouot auction house has maintained its reputation as Paris' principal auction house. With its 20 sales rooms, Hôtel Drouot is hub of the French and international art market.

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