Dream Hotel Opera

Our Commitments

Welcome to the Dream Hotel Opera, where the comfort of our guests meets our commitment to a more sustainable future. We firmly believe that by taking concrete steps, we can reduce our ecological footprint while ensuring your well-being. Here are our commitments to a preserved environment and a memorable stay:


Sustainable energy consumption

To minimize our impact on the climate, we have implemented smart energy practices. Heating and air-conditioning temperatures in our common areas are maintained between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius (and between 19 and 24 in the bedrooms), ensuring optimum comfort while reducing our energy consumption. What's more, we use only 100% renewable and traceable energy of European origin to power our facilities.


Water conservation

Conscious of the importance of this precious resource, we have adopted practices aimed at reducing our water consumption. We respect your choice by changing sheets and towels only on request, thus contributing to the preservation of water resources.


Waste management

We are committed to reducing our waste production and promoting recycling. From reception to the guest rooms, we make sure that all waste is sorted and recycled in accordance with the strictest environmental standards.


Raising awareness among staff and partners

We believe in the importance of raising awareness of environmental issues among our staff and partners. We actively encourage more sustainable practices and promote responsible purchasing, thereby contributing to positive change in our community and beyond.

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