4-star hotel on the Grands Boulevards for a dream stay

The irresistible charm of the Grands Boulevards de Paris

The Grands Boulevards parisiens represent much more than just axes of movement. Without a doubt, these are architectural and urban wonders that contribute greatly to the charm and beauty of this sumptuous French capital that makes the heads of the whole world turn so much. Located on the right bank of the Seine, they occupy a historic site, where once monarchs Louis XIII and Charles V, who had already grasped the strategic and central importance of the site, had chosen to erect their fortifications. It also inspired Guy de Maupassant's artists for his masterpiece "Bel-Ami", André Breton's "Nadja" and Fred Astaire, who loved to walk there. Everyone agrees on the magnificent scenery they provide, everyone falls in love with them. Now it's your turn. It's you that the Grands Boulevards are waiting for. Boulevard Poissonière, Boulevard Montmartre, Boulevard des Italiens, Boulevard des Capucines, Boulevard de la Madeleine... Dream Hotel Opera is the 4-star hotel close to the Grands Boulevards that you need to fully enjoy everything they have to offer, day and night.

The 4-star hotel near the Grands Boulevards

The Dream Hotel Opera has everything you need to seduce you. Located in the heart of the capital, in the heart of the Grand Boulevards of the ninth arrondissement, it offers you unparalleled quality service and the highest level of comfort thanks to 26 luxurious rooms.  Staying at the Dream Hotel Opera is more than just spending a night in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It's simply reliving its fascinating history by registering in a district with a very rich heritage. Whether you go shopping at Galeries Lafayette or Le Printemps, to meet the most popular artists of the moment, to participate in the development of local crafts, to support the capital's fashion designers and designers who have chosen to live in the neighbourhood or simply to enjoy a pleasant walk through time, you never forget a stay at the Grands Boulevards and even less when it is accompanied by a night at the 4-star establishment Le Dream Hotel Opera.

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