The Dream Hotel Opera, your 4 star business hotel in Paris 9e

The Dream Hotel Opera is a hotel that is both charming and functional. It's what you need for your search for a 4 star business hotel in Paris. Let's discover it together.

Your business stay in a 4 star hotel in Paris 9th under the best auspices

On Rue Le Peletier in the 9th arrondissement, the Dream Hotel Opera blends into the landscape of these magnificent, typically Parisian buildings. But once you've pushed open the front door, you'll discover a magnificent spa hotel in Paris 9. Before you even think about your professional reasons for being in Paris, you are already struck by the style and personality of this establishment. We obviously like its contemporary aspect without ever denying the past of a capital that this hotel loves passionately. You won't be able to miss it as the rooms, each of the 26 of the establishment, pay tribute to the artistic, cultural or historical Paris. Why choose a soulless establishment when you can choose a 4 star hotel for business in Paris 9.

The most beautiful feature of this establishment is without a doubt the presence of a spa in each room. Aromatherapy shower with Skinjay system or sauna in the room, it's up to you how to relax from your business stay in this 4 star hotel in Paris 9.

A professional hotel in the 9th arrondissement

The comfort, charm and tranquility of this hotel are enough to seduce tourists and professionals travelling in the capital. But it's also all the little extra hotel services that add interest to the Dream Hotel Opera as a 4-star business hotel in Paris 9th. If there is of course the location in the heart of the capital, we also think of the copious breakfast, offered for any reservation directly on the site, the luggage room, the reception service, the printer at your disposal, and so on.The hotel also offers luggage storage, a reception service, a printer, a shuttle to the airport and much more.

The Dream Hotel Opera aims to make you feel at home during your business stay in this 4-star hotel in Paris 9. It puts all its charm and the talent of its team at your service.

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